Orchestral Excerpts was born out of a need to keep the sheet music excerpts alive. As other excerpts websites have disappeared, it was incumbent that the resources be available, and it was certainly paramount that it was done as quickly as possible.

The design philosophy of the website is simple: keep sheet music accessible. Not only was it designed to accommodate for devices across various screen sizes, but it was also designed to be as minimalistic as possible. The current landscape of the internet is cluttered with obtrustive advertisements, banners, trackers, and other anti-features that have consequently taken away from the user experience. Running counter to the current climate of web development, this website strives to emulate the art that is sheet music: simple, unencumbered, beautiful. Furthermore, as a final token of accessibility, this website has been designed such that it can remain functioning offline given the repository has been cloned.

Orchestral Excerpts is a labor of love. It was created with you in mind, that anybody can access public domain masterworks for free, for as long as this website lasts. For this reason, this project has been made free and open source under GPLv3. For more information, please visit the Orchestral Excerpts GitHub Repository.

LibreAria's Orchestral Excerpts Repository Link: https://github.com/LibreAria/orchestralexcerpts

Questions, comments, suggestions? Email: librearia[@]hotmail[.]com